WEMS Race #5 – Romp in the Swamp – RESULTS

2017 Romp in the Swamp Results (CLICK/TAP HERE)

Awards will be mailed out as soon as possible to the top 3 in most categories and top 5 in the 3 hour & 6 hour solo men’s category.

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4 Responses to WEMS Race #5 – Romp in the Swamp – RESULTS

  1. Caleb Bush says:

    Hi Jason,

    I just saw the results from the race. I am missing a lap. My second and third laps were combined for a LONG time of 1 hour 28 minutes plus. I did two laps in that time. I know i for finished in front of Randall Sahs and Nicholas Malchow. I passed them and never saw them again. Can you correct this so I get my additional lap? I should have five laps in that time listed and not four.

    Please get back to me soon.

    Thanks, Caleb Bush (3019)

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  2. Caleb Bush says:

    Hi Jason,

    Just to follow up. I did five laps at the race and not four. My fourth lap came in right before the three hour mark and I started a fifth before the cutoff. That would put me in second place. I really hope this can be corrected. I rode my butt off and was with the leaders from the beginning. The current results put me well down in the standings. I know it’s not the biggest thing in life, but I’m hoping to do well in the season standings, and this would be my best result so far.

    Thanks, Caleb

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  3. Jeffrey Abitz says:

    Sorry I couldn’t stick around for awards. – Jeff Abitz (AKA Rod Munch).

  4. Eric Larson says:

    I didn’t get my first lap counted. Racer #3029. I did 4 laps, only showing 3

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