The Wild Ride Buzzard Buster – Results

2017 Wild Ride Buzzard Buster – Results

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3 Responses to The Wild Ride Buzzard Buster – Results

  1. Dan Tavela says:

    Noticed my last lap wasn’t recorded. #3026 in the short race. Crossed the line apx 2:38 after my fourth lap, also heard my number called out each lap. Not sure how it was missed. So how those timing chips working out? 😁

  2. Jason Gosse says:

    Racer #256 here, I am wondering why four of my laps are missing. I know a lot of effort goes into putting on an event, but when you are collecting entry fees for a race, not a fun ride, I believe there is some expectation of accurate timing for all those participants who paid an entry fee.

  3. Chris says:

    I got shorted my fourth lap. 😦

    Anybody else get shorted a lap?

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