Race #5 – Final Race Results

Here are the final race results. If you see any typos or mistakes that may have been over looked, please contact us so that we can fix them. Thank you very much for coming out and and we hope that your day was as joyful as ours.

Results as of 6/22/16 at 9:46pm 2016-SOUTHERN_KETTLES_CLASSIC_RESULTS

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4 Responses to Race #5 – Final Race Results

  1. Nick says:

    Thank you for making the updates, much appreciated!

  2. Jeff Holland says:

    Thanks for putting on the race today!!!

    For the mid distance solo, I completed all 6 laps. Looking at the results, I should be in 9th. Here’s my Strava file. https://www.strava.com/activities/613515188


  3. Nick says:

    Who can I contact to have a result corrected? The contact us area of the website won’t allow me to see the email of the event organizer. Thank you very much

  4. Nick says:

    Who can I contact to notify of an error in the results? The links posted in the contact section force me to use a google email account which I don’t have or care to open account. Much appreciated!

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