ROMP in the SWAMP – Final Race Results

Thank you to all the CWOCC volunteers for setting up an epic course and for putting on a great event! Thank you to all the racers who came out despite what all the weather apps predicted as the day ended up turning out to be a wonderful day with some puddels along the way. Mark your calendars for next year in June as the Romp in the Swamp will be back again.

2016 WEMS – ROMP in the SWAMP Race Results

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3 Responses to ROMP in the SWAMP – Final Race Results

  1. Kim Plansky says:

    Thanks EVERYONE for coming out to the Romp! It was so much fun, despite the rain and mud. I can’t wait until next year! It will only get better from here. I want to give a shout out to Gary Barden, Jen, and all others that volunteered! You make a difference to the PARTY! -Until next time- Kim Plansky (Jason’s wife, & Assistant Series Race Director) 🙂 WEMS Purest Waters Bottles are on order, and coming in very soon! Also, t-shirts are always available for order per individual request. Thank ya!

  2. benskoning says:

    There is an issue with the solo 6hr mileage. We rode the long loop, each lap is ~15 miles not 8.

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