WEMS Race #4 – Romp in the Swamp (Wausau, WI)


Road construction signs on County Road N are still up but no worries, just drive thru them as if they are not there. Red Bud road has a first layer of asphalt and is passable.

The race course is all set up and ready to pre-ride without getting lost. April Dombrowski already has a few laps in and a few more to go!

Camping is available and is also FREE!! When entering the Nine Mile parking lot, drive thru the orange cones and follow the signs to the Camping and Pit Area setup. When you reach an open field, you can choose to either go left (towards the start/finish line) or right (towards a large open field). The race course in this area are between a series of orange cones and camping or pit areas are allowed on either side of the orange cones.

The race course has been shortened to around 15 miles for the long course and around 7-1/2 miles for the short course in case of inclement weather.

There are two port-a-johns in the camp/pit area, one near the start/finish and one in the large open camp field.

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