WEMS Race #1 – Canopy Zip-N-Challenge Registration

Online registration for this event will close Today at 4:00pm!

You can still registration on site (Day of Race) between 7:00am – 12:30pm.

Please note the start time for the Mid Distance has changed from 10:00am to 12:00pm!

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1 Response to WEMS Race #1 – Canopy Zip-N-Challenge Registration

  1. Chris Barron says:

    I just want to register for the event, not the series but I can’t seem to do that. The online registration is very ‘buggy’. I guess I’ll just sign up day of. Wish I could just print a regular paper registration form so I’d have it all ready to go when I show up since I’ll be rolling in just in the nick of time for the mid distance.

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