Corrected Series Points

It’s good that someone actually read the series guideline page all the way to the bottom.  It was brought to our attention that the guidelines are out-of-date and indicate that a racer’s top four races will score and all additional races will be worth three bonus points.  We will use the stated guidelines for the 2013 season, and series race directors will make a decision as a group regarding the 2014 season.

The October 12th championship race will be scored as stated:

*The October Championship will count as two races for any series racers who complete four other races.
The score from the Championship race can therefore replace up to two lower scores of a racer’s four scoring races.
The October race will count as one race for series racers who complete three or fewer other races.

Thankfully the inconsistency was discovered before it had a major effect on series standings.  Sorry for the surprise.

Adjusted Points

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