It is with deep regrets and our sincere apologies, in which WEMS makes this announcement to change the Levis/Trow 100 race date. Due to a large scale logging operation currently underway at Levis Mound the race needs to be re-scheduled to allow for ample clean-up time and the necessary preparations required to ensure a safe and fun race course. On a side note, the Capital Off Road Pathfinders (CORP), which have done a great job with hosting the 12 hours of Pitch Black Singletrack at Cam-Rock, have decided to step down for the 2013 season and pursue a festive gathering at Cam-Rock. Pitch Black will be missed as this was our only night race. With Pitch Black out, the next available date for a re-schedule is August 24th, 2013. We were trying to hold off on the re-schedule but according to the Forestry Department, the logging operation will continue into the holiday weekend which would have an impact on the venue. Levis will still be open for primitive camping and mountain biking for those who want to take advantage of the long weekend but the scenery around the chalet may look a little different than it has in the past. We hope that everyone who has planned for this event can make it to the August 24th date. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for everyone’s planning and we feel your pain.

Sincerely,  Jason Plansky – Series Director


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  1. DS says:

    Is the 12 hours of Pitch Black also being moved then?

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