WEMS Race #2 – Stump Farm 100 – Saturday June 8th

The Stump Farm 100 will be held tomorrow at the Brown County Reforestation Camp. The course has been setup and is all set for racers who want to pre-ride the course. Race Day Registration will open at 6:00am and close 15 minutes prior to each event. Complimentary T-shirts are included for the first 200+ racers.

Anyone looking to do at least 4 WEMS races or more should consider purchasing a permenant Series Number Plate. Racers will recieve a $10 discount off the Day of Race charge for having a Series Number Plate. Racers who do at least 4 races will recieve an overall award for the choosen category with respect to your finishing place against other racers. Ask for a “Series Number Plate” registration form (cost $20/rider) at the Stump Farm and recieve $10 off your “Day of Race” Event registration fee.

Get your Limited Edition Primal Wear WEMS Jersey while they are still available. The cost is $65/each and we have the following sizes available: Men’s large (2), Men’s medium (3), Women’s medium (3), and Women’s small (2). Note: They will be available for pick-up at the Rasta Rock N Root.

The 2012 Series Awards are in and will be presented after the race.

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