May 12 – Northern Kettles Endurance Challenge; Greenbush, WI

June 9 – Levis/Trow 100; Levis Mound, Hatfield, WI

June 30 – Thunderdown in the Underdown and Wisconsin Single Speed Championship;              Underdown Recreation Area, Gleason, WI

July 7 – Stump Farm 12 Hour; Reforestation Camp, Suamico, WI

July 21– Muir South Kettle Classic; John Muir, LaGrange, WI

August 4 – RASTA Rock’n Root; Rhinelander, WI

August 25 – Pitch Black Singletrack; Cam Rock County Park, Rockdale, WI

September 22– Northern Kettles Fall Epic; New Fane Trail Head, Kewauskum, WI

October 6 – WEMS Championship; Levis Mound, Hatfield, WI

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9 Responses to 2012 WEMS SCHEDULE

  1. julie says:

    Sad to see those races go- that’s three fewer southern races, a big bummer for us south of the Cheddar Curtain.
    I’m curious why the Southern Kettle/John Muir race isn’t on?? If it’s that Team Cyclopath was just not into it? If it’s not a permit/parks issue, maybe I could hustle up some teammates and we could host instead… anyone know why the South Kettle Classic is a no-go?

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for posting up the dates. I added them to the endurance calendar on my site. Keep up the great work with the series. -Jason at xxcmag.com

  3. Andy says:

    sad to see bluemounds not there. i was really looking forward to going back there this year.

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