2013 Results

#1 Northern Kettles Endurance Challenge  – Results Photos XXC Mag

#2 Stump Farm 100 – Results  Photos  XXC Mag

#3 O’so Good 4th of July Challenge Results   Photos XXC Mag

#4 South Kettles Classic 2013 Southern Kettle Classic Results  XXC Mag Murphy’s Law

Wisconsin Single Speed Championship Combined Results   Lap Times

#5 RASTA Rock’n Root Results Here  XXC Mag

#6 Levis-Trow 100 –  2013 Levis/Trow 100 Results       XXC Mag

#7 Northern Kettles Fall Epic – Results  XXC Mag

#8 Kewaunee Buckthorn Buster – Results

#9 Series Championship at the Thunderdown Results

Series Standings

1 Response to 2013 Results

  1. Chris Welnetz says:

    Just curious when the results for last Saturdays race will be posted?

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