2012 Results

#1 Northern Kettles Endurance Challenge  Results Photos XXC Mag Eki Radio

#2 Levis-Trow 100 RESULTS (updated) Photos XXC Mag Farrow

#3 Thunderdown in the Underdown Results Photos XXC Mag

#4 Stump Farm 100 Results Photos XXCMag Eki

#5 Muir South Kettle Classic Preliminary Results Photos XXC Mag

#6 RASTA Rock n Root Results  J Photos A Photos XXC Mag

#7 12 Hours of Pitch Black Single Track 2012 PBST Results Photos XXC Mag

#8 Northern Kettles Fall Epic Results Photos XXC Mag

#9 Championship Results XXC Mag

2012 WEMS Points Standings 

Racers on the Radio

1 Response to 2012 Results

  1. Scott Anderson says:

    Per discussion with one of the Plansky’s they were supposed to make changes with my switching to the 5 hour duo with Dustin Marsh. You also asked for a team name: Riders from another mother. Thanks, great race

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