2011 Results

#1 Stump Farm 100 Results  Photos Report

#2 12 Hours of Northern Kettles Results  Photos

#3 Muir South Kettle Classic Results Photos

#4 Thunderdown in the Underdown Results Photos

#5 Levis/Trow 100 Results Photos

#6 Washburn Rock N Root Results Photos

#7 Blue Mound Results Photos

#8 Pitch Black Singletrack Results Photos

#9 2011 WEMS Championship Results Photos

2011 WEMS SingleSpeed Championship Results

Final Series Standings

5 Responses to 2011 Results

  1. Tyler- The Blue Mounds situation wasn’t what anyone wanted as we all stood there watching it pour. The race directors wanted to accommodate the handful of series riders that were there before the 10AM start whether racing or volunteering for points, especially the two single speeders who came to duke it out. I hope you didn’t turn your car around when the long race was announced as cancelled. It didn’t feel right to me and the day had an odd feel to it, but the overall series standings didn’t get thrown out of whack either way.

    • Tyler says:

      Thanks for the reply– just seems like the emphasis should remain on the long race. This is WEMS afterall. No worries, not much you can do about the wonderful WI weather.

  2. Tyler Welnak says:

    Whats up with blue mounds? Why was series credit for the 12 solo given for a 35 mile race? I thought that the 70 mile was cancelled?

  3. greg says:

    Hi, when do you think you may post the Levi/trow results?

  4. Check out the point battles heating up in the 12 solo and single speed classes.

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