South Kettle Classic – Emma Carlin – May 24th, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 SOUTHERN KETTLE CLASSIC hosted by the Southern Kettle Moraine chapter of IMBA.

For more info about this IMBA chapter (CLICK HERE)

New for 2014:

  • Race start/finish will be held at EMMA CARLIN (Not John Muir)
  • Day of Race Registration Opens around 6:00am
  • 80 Mile Race – 8:00am Start (7:45am pre-race meeting)
  • 40 Mile Race – 12:00pm Start (11:45am pre-race meeting)
  • 20 Mile Race – 3:00pm Start (2:45pm pre-race meeting)
  • Lap Distance – (45min to 75min worth)
  • Course – (awesome)
  • Last Lap must be completed by 8:00pm (keep track of time)

Wisconsin State Park fees apply to all riders and parked vehicles. Please purchase a single day or annual vehicle pass to avoid any parking fines. This area is heavily patrolled!  


  • Day of Race Registations are Welcome
  •  Save by Pre-Registering Online
  • Note: All Racers who have paid for a permenate series number plate must enter “seriesracersolo” into the discount code prior to checkout in order to recieve your series racer entry discount.

There is camping in 3 DNR camping areas with 15 miles. Ottawa lake, Whitewater Lake and Pinewoods. All reservation must be made on line through the WI DNR website. There is no on site camping at the trail head. There is plenty of room for easy ups and tents along the start finish area during the event.

Emma Carlin is on County Road Z. 1/8 of a mile South of Highway 59.  The intersection of Hwy 59 and Cty Rd Z is a few miles North of Palmayra and you turn right on to Cty Rd Z to the parking lot.  If on Hwy 59 coming from Eagle you turn left on Cty Rd Z to get to the parking lot.

GPS Coordinates:

(N 42 52.238, W  88 32.602) or (N 42 52 14.2, W 88 32 36.1) or (42.87061, -88.54336)

9 Responses to South Kettle Classic – Emma Carlin – May 24th, 2014

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  2. Paul W. says:

    Hey folks, there’s been a lot of work on the Emma trail. Thanks! So I’m sure you know about the big ol’ tree about 3.4k into the Green Trail that’s blocking the way.

  3. Tom Kramer says:

    How long will each lap be in this race?

  4. Greg W. says:

    I was wondering if the race will be going into the connector; I’m not racing but plan on riding the Muir trails on that day and I usually do the connector and back too. Didn’t want to go into the middle of a race…

  5. Tim says:

    Is that the Green, Orange, or Brown loop?

  6. Cody Gunst says:

    I saw someone post their ride of the course (6.78 miles) one would assume the 80mile is 12 laps (81.36 miles)

    • bikerjp says:

      Cody, it was 7.3 miles according to the person who choose the race course. He was using a mapping GPS and walked the course with it. Maybe next year they will add an extra lap.

  7. Cody Gunst says:

    I was there and raced it. I have roll-out and GPS so its extremely accurate. I got 7.72miles. That included the Transition/Pit area.

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