WEMS Race #1 – Canopy Zip-N-Challenge – April 26, 2014

The Canopy Zip-N-Challenge is just around corner, less than 2 weeks before we kick off the season at a new venue near Lake Geneva, WI. The recent trail report states that the trails are in good condition, despite the longer than normal winter conditions. Take advantage of a Series Number Plate registration for $15/rider and save $5 off your pre-registration entry fee (per event) or $10 off the day of race entry fee (per event). Its not too late to still sign up for the new “Team Competition”. Anyone can create a team name and invite other riders to join their team and work towards earning team based mileage. The team who records the most miles will receive a custom “traveling” trophy belt that will go from race to race til the end of the season. The trophy belt will be permanently awarded to the team who completes the most miles during the season. Keep in mind that teams can be a mixture of Solo, Duo’s, and Relay Teams in any combination of the Short, Mid, and Long course lengths.

Canopy Zip-N-Challenge info:

  • Location: Lake Geneva Canopy Tours; N3219 County Road H, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 (Click Here for Directions)
  • Camping/Lodging: Big Foot Beach State Park and more (Click Here for more Lodging)
  • Event Contact: Butch Welke at rwelke@wi.rr.com or 815-482-9634
  • Course Description: A 4+ mile loop of technical singletrack, bridges, and fun twisty downhills
  • Registration (Day of Race): 7:00am – 12:30pm
  • Long Course: 9:00am Start and Finish by 6:00pm
  • Mid Course: 12:00pm Start and Finish by 5:00pm
  • Short Course: 1:00pm Start and Finish by 4:00pm
  • Awards: Top 3 in each class presented at 4:30pm(Short), 5:30pm(Mid), & 6:30pm(Long)


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2013 WEMS Championship at the Underdown Results

2013 WEMS Champ Results     Final Series Standings   A Haunting

WEMS would like to thank all of the racers who came out this year and gave it your all. We hope everyone had a great time and are glad to see that the worst injury consisted of a few scratches and nothing more. It was great to see a bunch of new racers come out to do battle for the Thunderdown Cup. The trio from Ohio brought some potential going up against Duluth and Green Bay for 3rd place but at the end of day the Duluth Duo of Tim Ek and Charlie Farrow finished a solid 3rd place for the Thunderdown Cup. The showdown for 1st or 2nd was again between Wausau and Rhinelander. Wausau had a great representation and so did Rhinelander! The defending champions, Wausau, had put up some good laps. By night fall it was looking like a tie with the final outcome and new city Champions going to Rhinelander, WI. The next battle for the Thunderdown Cup will be on July 19th, 2014. Invite all your mountain bike friends back for a chance to win the Thunderdown Cup. The Thunderdown Cup is a traveling Cup which is open for any city to claim if they think they have what it takes to rack up the laps at Underdown in July.

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WEMS Championship Race at the UNDERDOWN Tomorrow!


Race Location (GPS Coordinates): 45.33014,  -89.587943

The course is looking really good for the season finally. ALL Series racers who have 4+ races will receive an overall Series award (wooden plaque) after the race.

Online registration will remain open until midnight for your convenience.

Day of Race Registration will open at 8:00am

10 Hour – Pre-Race meeting at 9:45am, Start at 10:00am

6 Hour – Pre-Race meeting at 12:45pm, Start at 1:00pm

3 Hour – Pre-Race meeting at 2:45pm, Start at 3:00pm

All racers will receive a WEMS water and a complimentary post race Chilli feed.

WEMS Water Bottle2

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Kewaunee Buckthorn Buster Results

2013 Buckthorn Buster Results  Series Point Standings

Lots of season races are still competitive!  Matt Millin has the edge, but watch for a shuffle of the top-4 in male long-course solo.  The top-3 are still up for grabs in single-speed so keep an eye on Jostein Alvestad to see if he can hold off his competition.  Jeff Melcher is not a lock on the short-course standings and could be overtaken by Ted Schaff while the rest of the top-5 could see a re-sorting.  Paul Wagner has the inside track to regain his mid-course title, but the top-8 could be in for a big shuffle.

Reminder: The October 12th race counts as two races for riders who have completed at least four other races.   A racer’s top four scores count towards the series standings with all additional scores earning three points.

Series Champion Jackets by Primal

Mens_WHT_122011 FJOSLW

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2013 Championship bannerVelocity wheelset given to a lucky series racer!

Series awards by Primal!  Race awards by RedEye!   Hammer!  Giant!  More!

Full details


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Northern Kettles Fall Epic Results

Northern Kettles Fall Epic Results   Point Standings  XXC Mag

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WEMS After Race Shirts on Sale AGAIN at New Fane

$16 for XS to XL


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Corrected Series Points

It’s good that someone actually read the series guideline page all the way to the bottom.  It was brought to our attention that the guidelines are out-of-date and indicate that a racer’s top four races will score and all additional races will be worth three bonus points.  We will use the stated guidelines for the 2013 season, and series race directors will make a decision as a group regarding the 2014 season.

The October 12th championship race will be scored as stated:

*The October Championship will count as two races for any series racers who complete four other races.
The score from the Championship race can therefore replace up to two lower scores of a racer’s four scoring races.
The October race will count as one race for series racers who complete three or fewer other races.

Thankfully the inconsistency was discovered before it had a major effect on series standings.  Sorry for the surprise.

Adjusted Points

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Levis/Trow 100 Race Results

2013 Levis/Trow 100 Results      Point Standings  XXC Mag

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Levis/Trow 100 – Saturday, August 24th

Online registration is still open and will be closing at 10:00pm on 8/23/13. Click HERE to register online.

POST RACE beverage sponsored by Red Eye Brewing Company to all racers over 21.

Updated Course Map

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