O’so Good 4th of July Challenge

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Great Day for a race at Bear Paw!!

Looking for something to do today? Come out to the Bear Paw Adventure Resort and put yourself to the test of either the 10, 6, or 3 hour categories. Not feeling up to doing a solo race, no worries, do a 2-4 person relay team with your buds.

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Reminder for Bear Paw this Weekend

Saturday, July 6th

WEMS Race #3 – O’So Good Solstice Challenge

Race Start Times:

10 Hour Race – 10:00am (9:45am pre-race meeting)

6 Hour Race – 1:00pm (12:45pm pre-race meeting)

3 Hour Race – 3:00pm (2:45pm pre-race meeting)


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WEMS RACE #3 – O’So Good Solstice Challenge – !! RACE RE-SCHEDULE to JULY 6th, 2013 !!

The race is cancelled for this weekend June 22, 2013 due to mother nature dropping too much water for the trail system’s sump pump to keep up. The trails get very greasy in that area with the amount of rain that is coming down and would do great damage to the trail system and to everyones equipment. Great news is that the race will be moved out two weeks, to July 6th,2013 date (previously the Levis/Trow 100 race weekend). Please help us spread the word to get this annoucement out!

Bear Paw Weather

Thank you – WEMS

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Get Your WEMS After Race Shirt Saturday

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It is with deep regrets and our sincere apologies, in which WEMS makes this announcement to change the Levis/Trow 100 race date. Due to a large scale logging operation currently underway at Levis Mound the race needs to be re-scheduled to allow for ample clean-up time and the necessary preparations required to ensure a safe and fun race course. On a side note, the Capital Off Road Pathfinders (CORP), which have done a great job with hosting the 12 hours of Pitch Black Singletrack at Cam-Rock, have decided to step down for the 2013 season and pursue a festive gathering at Cam-Rock. Pitch Black will be missed as this was our only night race. With Pitch Black out, the next available date for a re-schedule is August 24th, 2013. We were trying to hold off on the re-schedule but according to the Forestry Department, the logging operation will continue into the holiday weekend which would have an impact on the venue. Levis will still be open for primitive camping and mountain biking for those who want to take advantage of the long weekend but the scenery around the chalet may look a little different than it has in the past. We hope that everyone who has planned for this event can make it to the August 24th date. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for everyone’s planning and we feel your pain.

Sincerely,  Jason Plansky – Series Director


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Results – Stump Farm 100

Here are the results for the Stump Farm 100. Results  Photos (Correct Link!) XXC Mag

Series Standings

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WEMS Race #2 – Stump Farm 100 – Saturday June 8th

The Stump Farm 100 will be held tomorrow at the Brown County Reforestation Camp. The course has been setup and is all set for racers who want to pre-ride the course. Race Day Registration will open at 6:00am and close 15 minutes prior to each event. Complimentary T-shirts are included for the first 200+ racers.

Anyone looking to do at least 4 WEMS races or more should consider purchasing a permenant Series Number Plate. Racers will recieve a $10 discount off the Day of Race charge for having a Series Number Plate. Racers who do at least 4 races will recieve an overall award for the choosen category with respect to your finishing place against other racers. Ask for a “Series Number Plate” registration form (cost $20/rider) at the Stump Farm and recieve $10 off your “Day of Race” Event registration fee.

Get your Limited Edition Primal Wear WEMS Jersey while they are still available. The cost is $65/each and we have the following sizes available: Men’s large (2), Men’s medium (3), Women’s medium (3), and Women’s small (2). Note: They will be available for pick-up at the Rasta Rock N Root.

The 2012 Series Awards are in and will be presented after the race.

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Limited Edition WEMS Jersey

For those who are interested in a limited edition WEMS jersey, but did not get a chance to order one at the Greenbush race, don’t worry, you can still order them Online at the WEMS Registration/Store

Women’s Jersey sizes available too!

Again, we are running a special promotion of where you can order a Jersey and register for a Series Number Plate, all for $67.50 (includes transaction fees). The Jersey only price is $62.00.

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Results – Northern Kettles Endurance Challenge

The first WEMS race of 2013 is in the books with special Thanks to Team Pedal Moraine for putting on an exciting event at the Greenbush trails. A BIG Thanks to all of the racers who showed up to battle against mother nature and especially to the 100 Mile racers. During the 100 Mile event, racers got to experience dropping temperatures, cold rain, hail, gusty winds, and some sun shining all at the same time.

XXC Mag  Results  Photos

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