Levis/Trow 100

Welcome to the 2013 Levis/Trow 100 hosted by members of CWOCC.

For more info about this IMBA chapter (CLICK HERE)

New for 2013:

  • Race start/finish will be different than years past. Course will be in reverse featuring a number of IMBA Epic Ride trails in this years course.
  • Day of Race Registration Opens around 6:00am
  • 100 Mile Race (8 laps) - 8:00am Start (7:45am pre-race meeting)
  • 50 Mile Race (4 laps) - 12:00pm Start (11:45am pre-race meeting)
  • 25 Mile Race (2 laps) - 3:00pm Start (2:45pm pre-race meeting)
  • Lap Distance – (60 min to 90 min worth)
  • Course – approx. 12.5 miles laps with nearly all single track except for maybe a 1/4 mile per lap. There will be some climbing, rewarding flowy downhills, some more climbing, and so on.
  • Last Lap must be completed by 8:00pm (keep track of time)
  • Post Race Beer is on the Race Director!

Clark County trail fees apply to all riders. For your convieniance, we have included the daily County trail pass fee in the online registration.


  • Day of Race Registations are Welcome
  •  Save $5 by Pre-Registering Online (Click Here to Register)
  • Note: All Racers who have paid for a permenate series number plate must enter “seriesracersolo” into the discount code prior to checkout in order to recieve your series racer entry discount.

Onsite camping is available for $7/camping unit/night. We would prefer that people bring tents rather than huge motor homes but we understand if all you have is a motor home in which case you can bring it (please ask the race director where to park before you get all set up). There is plenty of room for easy ups and tents along the start finish area during the event.

Google Maps or Click HERE for directions page


One Response to Levis/Trow 100

  1. jetnjeff29r says:

    I saw the flyer for the race, the other day. I may try to hit it some time, but now I am in Copper Harbor, Mi. The next IMBA epic on my list. Check out my blog post on Levis Mound http://www.mtbepicrides.com/2013/08/levis-trow-mound-epic.html

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